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Laxey was selected to be the third town in the Isle of Man to be preserved for the future in an archive photography project. As with Peel 2011 and Port Erin 2012, shops, businesses and organisations around the town were photographed and interviewed and the results will be preserved in the Manx Museum.
Photography took place on 29th-30th March 2012. Thank you to everyone who took part and gave up some of their valuable time.
The project was led by Chris Littler Webdesign and, and funding is kindly provided by the Manx Heritage Foundation and Laxey Village Commissioners.
Inspiration for this project came from both old and new. The old being a handful of photographs of shopkeepers stood proudly outside their premises in days gone by. The new being a number of web-based projects to provide a photographic account of shop fronts in particular areas, notably London Shop Fronts.
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Photography: Chris Littler
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