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The aim of Laxey 2012 was to create a lasting record of Laxey businesses in the spring of 2012.
The shops and their environment of a town are an important part of its character and are ever changing. Dramatic changes have been observed over recent years with a number of small independent shops closing for good. Businesses continue to come and go, and whilst photography is quick, cheap and plentiful these days, it is also transient, particularly in digital format, and so we wanted to create a systematic record that can be preserved for the future.
We collected brief information about businesses as well as photographing them. Of particular interest for the future is the data on numbers and roles of workers and the extent they live within the town boundary. We photographed their exteriors, where possible with representative staff included, and interiors of premises where permission was gained.
The data and images from this project will, in addition to appearing on this website, be archived in the Manx Museum and made available to the public.
Press: Isle of Man Examiner, July 2012: A moment in time
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